Investing in a safe environment for you

At Highfield Dental, we take the heath and safety of all our patients and dental team extremely seriously. So much so we have invested in the latest air exchange technology to ensure our treatments are carried out in the safest possible environment.

The latest government guidelines specify that a treatment room should have at least 10 air changes per hour (ACH). The better the air exchange the safer the environment, as ventilation is important in reducing the risk of aerosol contamination from airborne pathogens. Our treatment room ventilation now exceeds the government guidelines. These extra precautions supplement our continued robust cross infection cleaning protocols.

“With the air extraction technology we have installed in all our clinical rooms, we can treat our patients knowing we have provided a safe and caring environment for them to come to during these unprecedented times.”

If you would like more information on this, our reception team will be happy to discuss the systems and policies we have in place to ensure your safety when visiting Highfield Dental.