Referring to Us

Dear Colleague

We are committed to providing you and your patient the highest quality of our clinical expertise and care. We always provide your patient an initial consultation and a full written treatment plan. We would also send you a copy.

No treatment would be carried out without an estimate of fees given to the patient

Treatments would be carried out as agreed by you and if we feel additional treatments are necessary we would refer the patient back to you unless otherwise advised by yourselves.

We are happy to receive referrals from our fellow practitioners for the following treatments:

      • Single Implants
      • Multiple Implants
      • Implant retained dentures or bridges
      • Bone grafting

We will keep you informed throughout the treatment period. Once the treatment is completed the patient will be returned to you for your continuing care.

In the rare event where complications arise after the patient has been treated by us, we will always ensure that they immediately receive the remedial care they require.

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