Category: Testimonials

Testimonial- AB

“I was transferred to my lovely dentist at Highfield Dental when my dentist retired. She has been wonderful during all my treatments, taking time to explain options available for the work needed and giving the plus and minus sides. I have always been very apprehensive when having dental treatment, due to childhood experiences in the 1960s, but Biruntha is always so gentle with her treatment and always gives me a calming experience which allows me to relax. I would recommend her and the whole practice – the reception team are so helpful and always polite. They really are a 5 Star Dental team”.


“I had a tooth extracted by Uzma Patel and I just want to say how very thankful I am to her for doing such a great job! It was a back tooth which was difficult to get to and had fractured. Uzma managed to get it out quickly and professionally and it came out complete ! She made the whole process as comfortable as possible and was very kind and caring throughout the whole treatment.  Her assistant was also very professional.

I would definitely recommend her and her team to anyone who hasn’t used her before”

Testimonial -JH

Dear Mr Patel, must thank you after minding my teeth and doing it so successfully, I am comfortable with my eating now and appearance is a great improvement. I am pleased now and can comfortably eat again.
Thank you…

Testimonial – CK

”Can’t stop smiling thanks to Dr Uzma Patel and her team! They did an amzing job and made me feel at ease, the whole way through my experience – also not to mention all work was completed in under a month. Can’t recommend enough! Thank you all again for all your efforts to give me the perfect smile!”


Testimonial – DM

”I decided to try Highfield Dental and have been delighted with the service provided there by Uzma Patel. She was happy to spend time discussing all the options open to me, and together we decided on a treatment programme which is now complete. The results were far better than I thought possible due the poor state of my teeth before treatment.

Uzma was a very attentive and caring person, and I have never before experienced such pain free injections as those she administered. I was also impressed by the professionalism of her assistant, and the performance of the reception staff”.

Testimonial – SO

”When sitting to write this review i didn’t know where to begin because I’ve had the absolute privilege of Uzma Patel being my dentist for a good few years now resulting in a huge amount to mention, so much so that I actually had to condense my original review as it was more like a blog!

Uzma took me on as one of her first Invisalign patients.
I’ve never seen such determination in a dentist to make sure her patient left the happiest they could be….and that was at the end of EVERY appointment not just at the end of the treatment.

Uzma is a hard working woman. She is knowledgeable, patient and caring. Nothing was an issue. She listened, always took on board my experiences and / or my concerns and gave great advice.

Uzma is an extremely determined individual and a perfectionist. She went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and satisfied with her work.

It’s been a long journey and words cannot describe how grateful I am for Uzma’s unconditional commitment and professionalism – I absolutely love the finished product …my smile….and regularly receive positive comments on her amazing work! She is a credit to Dentistry!

Thank you Uzma….I appreciate all you have done for me.”

Testimonial – ED

”I have been coming to this practise for 60 years, so the answer is “yes” I do like it here.
I find that Salil is an excellent Dentist, he is always welcoming and calming. He takes the time to explain exactly what procedure needs to be done and is so gentle. He is a credit to his profession.
The ambience is very good too with relaxing decor.
The receptionists (Elizabeth & Emma) are also to be praised, very friendly.
The place is spotless, and necessary Covid precautions taken.”

Testimonial – D.S

”Thanks for a very careful and painstaking reconstruction this morning. It was agony for me I know, but you have achieved a perfect likeness to the original as far as my tongue is concerned, and it is perfectly profiled to fit with its mates on my upper jaw. Now all the numbness has worn off, I would never have suspected I had had dental work done today.
Looks good in the mirror, too!

Don’t work too hard, and have a great summer.”

Testimonial – L.B

”Terrified of Dentists? Ask for Martina to take a look at your teeth and worry no more! Is that a real review? Yes! As a child, my original dentist scared me when having to remove some teeth that were growing crooked. That experience has sat with me for a very long time. Today, I needed a filling. From the moment that I entered the Reception and spoke to the staff, to the moment that I left, I was treated with so much care. Martina explained every step that she was doing before she did it which reassured me. I have honestly never felt so relaxed in a dental surgery before. I am happy to say that I will be back!”