Teeth whitening–Why see a Dental Professional?

Be very careful about teeth whitening home kits that are being sold, particularly on the internet. Many of these products are unregulated with questionable ingredients damaging teeth and gums and often don’t work.

We have had cases where patients have had chemical burns. We have also read reports in the dental press of many products containing acids and abrasives that will cause irreversible damage to your enamel.

Scientific evidence has shown that Hydrogen Peroxide above 0.1% concentration is required for teeth whitening to be effective. In the U.K. it is illegal for anyone other than a GDC registered dental professional to be supplied with and use this concentration. Yes!!! it is illegal for beauticians and kiosks to offer these products to you and you need to question where they are obtaining their supply from. — BE AWARE!!!

If you are considering teeth whitening please contact us for a consultation  on 01689 823 786 and have the treatment carried out safely using licensed, safe and effective products that WORK! Look after your smile.