Testimonial – C.P.

“Dear Rifat, It was with great trepidation that I eventually took sufficient courage to call a dentist. I was so apprehensive, my teeth- what was left of them- were terrible and I thought that the dentist would just say “It’s your own fault”- quite right too.

But that didn’t happen. He was so sympathetic, understanding and was prepared to talk and suggest the options available. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find someone who was prepared to give his time to help me. He gave me assurance and confidence and I have no fears about “a visit to the dentist”.

I have encountered only total kindness and concern from all the staff with whom I have contact and I can not praise the practice enough because they have given me all the support I needed.

Having thought about implants, I will not succumb to being such a wimp and therefore I wish to proceed with the procedure on my bottom jaw! How good am I now!! You really have changed my “fears” about dentistry.”