Can implants really help with confidence?

Because I have studied and work in the field of dentistry, I wasn’t aware that many people may not know how one missing tooth that is near the front of the jaw could have an impact on self consciousness.

There was once this situation when a patient who was very quiet for most of the time that I have known them had completely changed and become more confident after they had a dental implant.

I later found out they had always been self-conscious about the gap in their front teeth. They had tried various methods to hide it, such as smiling with their mouth closed or wearing braces to try and close the gap, but nothing seemed to work.

Despite their efforts, the gap in their teeth continued to cause them embarrassment, especially in social situations. They found themself avoiding situations where they would have to smile or talk in front of others, and this was affecting their confidence and self-esteem.

So many years ago when I first started placing implants I discussed their options for fixing the gap in their teeth. One of the options I suggested was a dental implant, which is a permanent replacement for missing teeth that look and feel just like natural teeth.

Initially they were hesitant about the idea of getting a dental implant, but after learning more about the procedure and its benefits, they decided to go through with it.

The dental implant procedure involved placing a titanium post into the jawbone, which would act as a replacement tooth root. Once the post had fused with the jawbone, a crown was attached to the post to replace the missing tooth.

The entire process took a few months, but my patient was thrilled with the results. Not only did the implant look and feel just like a natural tooth, but it also gave them the confidence to smile and speak in public without feeling self-conscious.

No longer did the patient have to worry about hiding their gap in their teeth, and they could now enjoy social situations without feeling embarrassed. The dental implant had truly made a difference in their life and had given them the confidence they had been missing for so long.

by Sal