Advice on tooth extraction

After tooth extraction you are advised to rest and not exercise for atleast 48 hours.

Avoid eating and drinking until anaesthetic wears off (avoid chewing in the area).

Avoid alcohol and do not smoke.

Keep your head higher for the 1st night with an extra pillow.

Do not wash your mouth for 24hours as this can breakdown the blood clot.

You can brush your teeth as normal but take extra care around the extraction site.

If you notice the site bleeding do not rinse.

Apply pressure to the socket by biting down on a knotted handkerchief placed over the socket for 15 minutes.

Rinse with warm salt water after 24 hours, twice a day for 1 week

You can take your normal painkiller that you would take for a headache but do not take Aspirin as this may cause further bleeding.

Asthmatics – should avoid ibuprofen based pain relief