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If you have a dental emergency please call 01689 823 786 before 10am Monday through Friday or NHS 111 on the weekend

We are open for normal routine appointments

Please telephone 01689 823 786

OR email us on

Please do not attend the practice to make an appointment booking

For general enquiries please email


4th January 2021 Operational Update

Our practice will remain open to our patients, in line with the government announcement made that health care and dental services will remain open.

Routine treatment is essential in order to maintain good oral health, therefore all our routine treatments, oral hygiene visits and examinations will still go ahead as planned.

We take the health and safety of all our patients extremely seriously, our staff wear enhanced PPE, and maintain a high cross infection standard. The practice has also invested in the latest air exchange technology to ensure our treatments are carried out in the safest possible environment.
The latest government guidelines specify treatment rooms should have at least 10 air exchanges per hour. Our treatment rooms ventilation now exceeds these government guidelines.

If you consider yourself as vulnerable and wish to postpone an appointment you have booked, we would ask for you to contact the practice at your earliest convenience on 01689 823786 or email:

Highfield Dental Team


Tooth Whitening

Everyone wants to have a celebrity smile and whitening your teeth is a great way to achieve this.

Tooth whitening should always be carried out by a trained dental professional, here at Highfield Dental all our dentists are happy to advise you and carry out tooth whitening to help you achieve that sparkling smile safely and effectively.

If you are concerned about tooth whitening sensitivity our dentists will happily advise you on how to manage this when you have your initial consultation.


So, If you’re not happy with the colour of your teeth or you have a special occasion and you want to wow your friends and family then why not contact our friendly reception team, on 01689 823786 to discuss and book a consultation to achieve that dream smile.

Operational Update

Dear Patient,

We trust you and your family are all well and thank you for your patience and understanding through this difficult time.


We are excited and pleased that we can now see our patients once again.

Our highest PRIORITY is the safety of our patients and our staff, and to ensure this, there have been some operational changes that we are implementing.

We appreciate your patience as we may need to…..

  • Cancel appointments at short notice (if there are issues with unpredictable circumstances e.g. PPE supply, staffing, government advice etc.)


  • Delay certain treatment procedures


  • Rebook appointments if you or the dentist is running late.


  • Operate on a reduced scale to comply with rules on maintaining social distancing within the surgery.



  • Operate a rota system with the dentists as a result you may not always see your regular dentist.



Thank you for your cooperation


Dear Patients,

In the current climate I feel that it is only right to reassure our patients what procedures we already have in place and what further measures we have put in place to protect you and our staff from the virus.

We have increased the cleaning of our high traffic areas such as door handles, floors, light switches etc.

We have hand soap and anti bacterial hand gel available in our treatment rooms and bathroom and we encourage everyone to use these before and after your treatment.

As was the case before this outbreak, our dentists and staff follow the infection control protocols which are of the highest standards.

We are also discouraging hand shaking between each other.

I know some may be concerned about visiting our practice but I am following the guidelines provided by the Public Health Department at the moment and we are remaining open and are taking the relevant precautions.

If you are feeling unwell with a cough and/or temperature then we are very happy to move your appointment to a later date or until you are over the virus. This does still need to be done 24hour before your appointment so that it can give us a chance to fill the appointment with someone who is on the waiting list or in need of an appointment.

We wish all of you the best during these tough times and we shall be here providing quality dental treatment to you, our valued patients.

Yours faithfully,

Salil Patel

Principal Dentist


Be Nice To Your Dentist!

Be nice to your dentist

Especially this one

No need to build up the nerves

‘Cause be makes going to the dentist fun!


He is a nice chap!

There is no reason to be worried!

So don’t get yourself all flustered

Or bother to get all horrid and flurried!


He is friendly,

He does not annoy:

he always tells the truth

That always results in joy!


Don’t be rude,

Your dentist is your friend,

And if he says you need braces,

(remember teens, it’s not the end!)

(Written by an 11 years old patient for Dr R Coskunsu)


Testimonial – P.M.W

”I was recommended to Mr Patel at Highfield Dental by a friend who had been very satisfied with the implant done for her there.

I went for a consultation with Mr Patel and was immediately impressed not only with his expertise but also his patient and considerate way of going over the whole procedure and what was involved in it. There was no rushed decision and he left me to weigh the whole thing over. He inspired my confidence as I could see he knew what he was talking about.

I have been very satisfied with the way Mr Patel and his staff proceeded throughout the whole time. He has worked to a high standard and his care has been most thoughtful.

I think his costs have been very reasonable too. I am very pleased with the implant and they seem just like part of me now, not as an extra denture would have been”.

Advice on tooth extraction

After tooth extraction you are advised to rest and not exercise for atleast 48 hours.

Avoid eating and drinking until anaesthetic wears off (avoid chewing in the area).

Avoid alcohol and do not smoke.

Keep your head higher for the 1st night with an extra pillow.

Do not wash your mouth for 24hours as this can breakdown the blood clot.

You can brush your teeth as normal but take extra care around the extraction site.

If you notice the site bleeding do not rinse.

Apply pressure to the socket by biting down on a knotted handkerchief placed over the socket for 15 minutes.

Rinse with warm salt water after 24 hours, twice a day for 1 week

You can take your normal painkiller that you would take for a headache but do not take Aspirin as this may cause further bleeding.

Asthmatics – should avoid ibuprofen based pain relief

Hygienist at highfield dental, Orpington

During a dental examination we examine your gums and the bone that supports the teeth. We will screen for gum disease and assess your risk to gum disease. We often recommend seeing a hygienist if you have gum disease.

Accumulation of plaque and tartar, particularly below the gum can lead to the loss of the bone around your teeth. If left untreated teeth will loosen, start moving, tilting and twisting and the gums will recede.

Our hygienist is specially trained to provide a deep clean of your teeth, to remove plaque and tartar particularly below the gum line, and provide cleaning advise tailored to you, so that you can maintain good oral hygiene.

Seeing the hygienist regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene will help prevent gum disease.